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About us

Are you just contantly delaying those tiny repairs your bike is in definite need of, but you just don’t have the time for them. If so then just pop in to check out our opening store. You can leave your bike with us, and while you get on with any important duties we will help whip your bike into shape according to your dreams! If you wish you can also run your eye over at the excursion of Fogasház, or even you can watch a movie if these are current events of the place.
If your bike needs a bigger repair you will only have to leave it here in our store for one, maximum two ’wellness days’. Until then you can also rent a bike from us.

Do you care about your cycling outfit also? You will not be dissapointed with us as you can find Lupus's bags besides the professional accessories and clothing.

We also sell bikes and they are ready to be purchased from us only once they have been thourghly checked and renewed. You can check out our shipshape single speed, racing and city bikes here on facebook and you can also get a line on prices.

Fogashaz has its own bicycle storage unit as well so if you just want to pop in for a drink your bike will be under cover out of the elements.

Come in and have a look how these two great friends realized their dreams who are linked by their cycling passion.